2 years ago
  • “Who’s that fine specimen of man?” a sultry feminine voice purrs, halting me in my tracks. Standing beside me, leaning against her locker, is a caramel skinned, dark-haired, flat-ironed beauty dressed in the latest from American Eagle. Her eyebrows are raised inquisitively. She’s vaguely familiar, but I can’t place from where I know her.
  • … she extends a hand. “I’m Tabitha Stratford, by the way. My friends call me Tabby.”
  • She narrows her eyes. “You were at that party last Friday, weren’t you? I thought I recognized you – you came with Asher Rinehart… My older sister dated him for a while, when she was our age.” Her smile falters and her voice lowers to barely above a whisper. “A word of advice? Stay away from him. He’s bad news.” Then the smile picks back up. “Nice meeting you, Andy.”
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